Since her first single, Maria Magdalena in 1985 to Hiroshima, Sandra continues his career without any obstacles. Happy woman .... in all senses
Sophie Comte, magazine "Le Mag" (France) 1990
photos: by F. Meylans
Translated from french by Dmitri, english version by invisible_man, november 2012
Sandra, 28 years old, very pretty, has lightning career and husband adored by her, lives like in dream. She born in Saarbrucken, Germany (and no doubt under a lucky star) was first climbed on stage during a dance show.
She was 12, when she won her first song contest. "I won the contract when I was 12 years old. This happened after a contest organized by the radio, which I won," she says, "and I even released a single "Andy, my friend ", devoted to my dog." At the time, her parents were totally against her career artist. Sandra submitted.... and completed secondary school. Everything is changed very quickly after 4 years, when she had just finished her studies in secondary school, one producer called her and proposed to take the place the lead singer of the female trio Arabesque.Jackpot! Arabesques gaining huge success in Japan, where the girls were like the superstars. With Sandra Arabesque had higher positions: 7-year career, seven of the 11 released LPs were gold. More than 6 million albums in Germany and Japan, in two countries where are most fans of Arabesque.
The Career and Marriage
However, the beauty was bored. "My experience with Arabesque was exciting, she says, but in the end I could not stand limits and I was crowded into the project". When she decides to leave the band, the love comes! Head over heels Sandra felt in love with Michael Cretu, Arabesques keyboardist (who became her husband in January 1988), started her solo career and her own private life. Like a professional Sandra is obliged to Michael. He writes her lyrics and music. As composer and arranger, he finds what works best for his wifes personality and voice. Star status requires her to work on the melodies...
In 1985, the lovers start with Maria Magdalena, the number one in all the European charts. Since then, it has become almost the rule. All singles Sandra (Hi Hi Hi, Innocent Love, In The Heat Of The night, Everlasting Love, Stop For A Minute, Heaven Can Wait, Secret Land & We'll Be Together) took high positions in the charts.To hide from the public eye, she and Michael even moved to Ibiza in Spain. There, Michael wrote his songs, and Sandra has received a lot of letters from her fans. They say that she responds to all letters personally. Her new single Hiroshima started in 8th place this week and next march, they will be in Paris. Its a dream for Sandra! Just so their life goes by now professionally and personally. We'll tell you about it!!!
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