Sandra in Moscow. Comeback
Photos: Igor Guzej, Kotik,, RT
impressions: invisible_man, 2006
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Sandra - the queen of show "Discotheque 80th". Sandra's invitation for Autoradio Sandra and we with welcoming poster Olympic hall: there was 20000 persons in this evening

It was a long time ago, in 1989. She has arrived in USSR in ealry autumn. The 5 planned concerts in Moscow became a sensation for all russian Fans. I was a first-year student of large high schools of the country. In this time I, as the all students in our country, traditionally began my study on farm works and with sadness looked advertising on TV being in the Astrakhan steppes far from a civilization. My friends waited for me but I didn't know about it... They have bought the ticket for me but it has got to another person. And the only memories of those people, who was there, have remained to meSince 17 years gone...

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Sandra's entry: she has fluttered out at stage like a butterfly.
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Sandra and her dancers
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Stop For A Minute...
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Secret Land
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Maria Magdalena
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Gift from russian Fans
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She says: Come on, boys
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The Beginning

About that Sandra will appear in Moscow, it became known in the beginning of summer. But nobody knew until recently, in what kind of project it will take place. The Russian organizers, bringing of foreign stars to Russia, more than once tried to invite Sandra here. And all previous attempts have come to grief. But time has come, Sandra has determine to return on a stage and her name has appear again not only in various German shows. The performance in Poland has given hope to Russian organizers on the possible successful decision of a question. And now the news like a bolt from the blue: Sandra will appear at the concert "Discotheque 80th" in Moscow on November, 24, 2006. I have agreed upon buying of the ticket at a concert, about place of a stop and, have bought preliminary the return-ticket to a place of following, and began to wait. Nevertheless, time flied very quickly

I'll rememberLeaves were fallin' down in autumnal Moscow
It was a cold November She came again and so I was there
Nobody knows who I am Maybe she would understand


Sandra has arrived to Moscow before performance. The russian fans-veterans Victoria, Vitaly, Alexandr and Dmitry met her at airport Sheremetevo-2, in waiting room at VIP-exit. They joyfully welcomed her, have presented her the flowers and even have received autographes from her.

Press Conference

Click for big sizeAt 16-00, for 3 hours before the concert a press conference has taken place. After a traditional short greeting of the head of the organization of the action, journalists have started traditional questions to discostars. At conference "The award of the Peacemaker" is handed to Sandra. She was surprised to that very much. The fans, present at conference, have handed beforehand ready gift: the russian handicraft matreshka-Sandra made by the order. On each of 10 figurins of mastreshka instead of the traditional face was the image of Sandra in different years. The matreshka has attracted attention to itself, probably, not less, than Sandra.

The meeting with fans before concert

A little later, before a concert, four most successful Russian fans have met her again (in spite of all taboos of especially shitty persons) in her make-up room. Sandra, at last, could make out a gift of Russian Fans, that has very much liked her. She opened every figurin joyfully. It should be noticed that fan Vitaly has taken the most active part in creation of this unusual gift. BTW, he has reminded Sandra that Russian fans has been waiting her for 17 years. Later, at concert, she will mention this fact.

I have arrived to Moscow in the early morning, 24.11.2006, in good spirits, in foretaste of real holiday. Having taken away the concert ticket bought for me (I'm very grateful to the person who has got it to me), I knew only one: I should be at edge of a stage. There, where, actually, all fans prefer to be. How it was possible to me I shall modestly keep silent.


Olympisky hall - rather spacious hall (as it subsequently appeared, there was about 20000 persons on 24 november 2006 in this hall). At the appointed time I was there where I has planed. And now it has remained quite a little: to wait her appearance. The concert promised to be long and sometime tiresome. Combined concerts always have one defect: they more long-drawn. There are, as usual, many superfluous performers there and the one, for whom you wait, usual steps on stage right at the end Stars C. C. Catch, Mauro, Amanda Lear, Riccardo Folgi, Toto Cutungo, Boney M, Savage one by one appeared on a stage, breaking the applause and bathing in ecstatic eyes of their fans. Time approached to midnight. I had already keept some color photos of Sandra in my hands and planed to distribute them all present people, staying near by me . Suddenly the girl (Nensi), staying beside me, speaks that someone have transferred me the poster with greeting to Sandra (with inscription "SANDRA, we have been waiting you 17 years"), I turn around back and see young girl about 18-old years with diademin (she reminded me a little mermaid when I saw her). It turned out, that she has come at concert with her mum (Helen), who was at solo Sandra's concert in 1989. Helen is also fan of Sandra. I offer to the guys, staying beside me, to develop the poster and to keep it in readiness, because Sandra should just about to appear. And, at last, long-awaited hour has come: the presenter of the show, V. Markin, declares: Now, the real avalanche of love falls on this stage. Sandra is on stage. This name has forced Olympic to remember the events of 17 years' prescription. First bars of "Stop For A Minute" have forced to blow up a hall, in fact many arrived people from all cities of huge Russia (and not only) were here specially because of her and patiently waited for her all this time Sandra has fluttered out at stage like a butterfly. She was rarely womanly: smart dress with prevalence of shades of color khaki, embroidered with large beads on top of which the dark blouse was sliped - in a similar (color) clothes I didn't see her since times of performance of the first public presentation of single "Forever" on TV in 2001. No doubts, that everyone, waiting for her output, greedy, like the traveller of desert, absorbed her image to keep these memoirs in the memory forever. Everyone understood, that any videos and any photos will not replace memories of own seen impressions Smoothly and gracefully moving on a stage, she has enabled to contemplate and photograph herself to everyone who has lined near to stage by close semi-ring. I should tell, it's rather atypical manner of performance for Sandra which usually prefers to stand at a microphone and don't make superfluous motions on stage.

Stop for a minute! You better change your heart in time...
Stop for a minute! You can believe that part of mine...
I?ll be protecting you from what you run into
If you will hold on. Stop for a minute ...

But time didn't want to stop for one minute, and already other song is heard, - Secret Land . The lines of this song text involuntarily suggest an idea that probably she remembers that distant 1989 and that secret country in which she has returned again:

I remember...
Leaves were fallin' down
In St. Germain
It was a cold november

You went away an' I got a dream

Sandra gracefully moved on a stage, the hall exulted. My fans have told to me, that I was not here 17 years, she says from a stage. Our warm, close company with the huge welcoming poster and her images has attracted attention of everything, without exception, television cameramen who observed of auditorium. And naw all of us are close up projected on 2 huge blinders plasma monitors which are taking place along the edges of a stage But not only television cameramen notices us, but also queen. She came closer on stage to us and shouted in a microphone ome on, boy! . Unforgettable impressions

But time is mercilessly... And already bars of imperishable hit Maria Magdalena shake Olympic

You take my love, you want my soul
I would be crazy to share your life
Why can't you see what I am
Sharpen your senses and turn the knife
Hold me and you'll understand

Click for big sizeI'll never be Maria Magdalena - we already sing together with her. One two free four bang... and performance of Sandra is over. Time of three songs has flown by as one moment. An moment between the past and the future. Sandra thanks public and leaves the stage. Her performance was bright and especially memorable for everyone to whom has had the luck to be there. Now this performance becomes a history which will be kept by her fans-keepers. They will keep it in memories, video and photographic materials And maybe one day this performance becomes for someone the opening of the wonderful world of harmony and beauty by name Sandra, which was unknown for him(her) to present day.

She has left Moscow in the early morning 25.11.2006, having given any chance for all who was late. It isn't necessary to sad for it. In fact nobody knows, what surprises she will present to her fans in the near future...

PS. 9.12.2006 The concert "Discotheque 80 " with participation of Sandra has taken place in the "Ice palace", in Saint Petersburg. To petersburg auditory has luck more - Sandra has sang the whole 4 songs: Stop For A Minute, Secret Land, Hi Hi Hi and Maria Magdalena. But it, as they say, already absolutely another history...

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Sandra on "Discotheque 80th" in St. Peterburg

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