The Arabesque band will always remind me my careless childhood. The music from wonderful past... Firsttime I heard the records of the group in 1980... And I listen them to present day. But in those time I didn't know who sings there, who are members in this group, I just know that it's Arabesque. During the different periods of my life I opened Arabesque for myself from different sides: when I knew a voice soloist on the new recorded reels of the bobbin tape recorder, dashingly dancing on the weddings of my uncels and aunts; when I've seen their first LP released by record company "Melodia" which I didn't let to buy for myself...; when I've seen them firsttime on russian TV-broadcast "120 minutes" with a song "PACK IT UP"...; when I searched for a long time for their records in all studios of sound recording in cities of my student's life and by any chance I've meet on correspondence with Victor, the big fan of group from Kirov which for that moment had were practically all Arabesque-records (and at his friend many Japanese vinyls). Then in 1993, thanks to him, I've heard firsttime all heritage of group in excellent quality (to those measures)... When I have seen firsttime the whole VHS with the clips of Arabesque, imported from Arab Emirates, at house of my neighbours..., When for the first time I've got all albums on CDs which because of our new Russian "pirates" were remastered and transferred in digital quality..., when I've received from the Japan scarce curiosity - DVD ARABESQUE GREATEST HITS (thank to Ben, the webmaster of the Japanese site about Arabesque)..., when at last I've put on bookcase all original Japanese and German singles, maxi-singles and LPs of group on vinyls in perfect condition (thank to Dmitry from France and Viktor from Germany)..., when I've collected together a collection of video of group worldwide which later was restore and transferred on DVD...
Now interest to group among fans of disco 80 continues is persist. To get something rare about group till now is connected to big material costs. And nevertheless till now there are still many white spots in a history of group and the new facts, new information, new photos and videos and even the unpublished songs come to light...
Appearance of one more section on this site is symbolicalally, because in 2006 the group because of participant Michaela Rose, is restored. And the group as never is needed of support of the fans. As the fan of group, I express Michaela my special for new birth of Arabesque and I wish her good luck and new albums, same successful as well as all previous. I also thank Michaells for she has totally changed my life after her answers for my questions.
I must tell, that from the start I was not planned to make something amplitudinous one about the group. Why? Because already there are rather massive sites about group even in runet and I never involved blindly to copy other's information. But at that time my personal collection replenished with curiosities and I collected the interesting and rare enough material (some part of my collection you can watch at images publised here). Because of that I have wanted to give to all of it the precise form and, at last, to make my own work about this amazing group that became a legend of disco 80th. Creating this section which on scope is more looked like an independent site, I wouldn't like that all visitors saw here similarity with webpages about this group which they visited earlier. My purpose was those, that having visited here, all seen and read by you was perceived like new. As far as I could make it - to judge to you. I'll take with pleasure any specifications, addition and the new facts about which have not mentioned here.
Special thanks for web projects, thier ownres and ordinary fans which have been working at the making of interesting web resources about Arabesque-band before us: (админ Arno) (админ BeN) (админ Andrew_Mi) (админ Andrew_Mi) (админ Harry)
Special thanks to all my friends who help me at work about this section:
Dmitri (France)
Viktor (Germany)
Victor (Russia)
Peter (Germany)
Helg (Uraine)
And also to all who supported this idea and don't give to forget about it :-)
Invisible Man, 17.05.2007