Austrian JOY group is striking representative of new wave of 80-th. I opened this group for myself in 1987, since the TV Apperances "Touch by touch" in russian TV programm "Morning post" (see shots from at the left . The nice light music, that was kept in mind right away. Then I even couldn't record this song on a tape recorder . Later in russian night TV programm "The Look" I saw one more apperance of the group - the clip "Hello". In that time the group recorded its 2 LPs. After years, when I found at last all their records I wanted to create the section about this group. If someone hears about this group at first time, I'm very recommend to find the JOY's CD. They're really talented guys of 80 th. Now they are already grown-up mans, but still continue to appear sometimes in different musical TV shows and mostly, as no strange, in Russia... My special thanks to all who help us with info and photos about group: Denis Denisenko, Olga Sviridova, Alexandr Melnik, Dmitri Abasov and Dmitri Sidorov.

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