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The very first webpage about Sandra, Arabesque, Enigma and Cretu's projects on english which was created in 1989. Once it was updated routinely, sent out new photos of Sandra every week, released SFC magazines. Now it's in past. But that webpage put periodically rary video files for download and hot news. Here is also huge forum on english where fans of Sandra from all world meet and associate...
Site Admin : rno Country : Holland Link :
The big japanese webpage (on japanese and english) about Arabesque was created by big fan of Arabesque from Japan. It's a very first webpage which made property of the world the full illustrated discography of Arabesque's japanese released singles and LPs. There is many information about participans of Arabesque girlband (to regret not all pages have english version) and Rouge - the group created by residuary participans after Sandra's leaving. This webpage is regularly updated.
Site Admin : Ben Country : Japan Link :
The biggest seit about Arabesque, Sandra and Enigma on russian (there's also english version there). There are full detailrd discographies of singles, albums and also videographie (!) with illustrated supplement. There are many of photos, music files, song texts for download without problems there. There are also many information from press about Sandra on english there ...
Site Admin : Andrew_Mi Country : Russia Link :
The only one full (for today in inet) webpage about ROUGE girlband. Thanks to cooperation of two fans of this duett the viewieng of heritage of this group (it was formed after Sandra's leaving from Arabesque) is became possible. All known for today info, covers and arguments of singles, info about video and only one album are presented there.
Site Admin : Andrew_Mi Country : Russia Link :
The first single fanpage about this great dutch duet on english. Here their fans and not they will find all about Maywood: full discography of their singles and albums, many of high-grade photos of this girlband, autogrammcards. Every month we can watch new "photo of month". It's a high-grade work of their bigr fans. I like it very much!!! If you're really like Maywood - you must visit this webpage!
Site Admin : Volker Muller Country : Germany Link :
Official webpage of Patty Ryan - the beautiful woman and singer. The one who once time heard her famous hits like "You're my life, you're my love", "Stay with me tonight", "Love is a name of the game" will understand. I'm glad to know that this singer has own webpage and still released new great songs.
Site Admin : Patty Rain Country : Germany Link :
The great site about LONDON BOYS group. You can find there all what you what to know about this group - full discography of albums and singles, videography, photos of this group, song texts and even listen 1 minute of all their song from all albums!!!
Site Admin : Milena Verzeanu Country : unknown Link : london boys
On german language. If you like music style of Modern Talking & Bad Boys Blue I recommend to listen this new german pop duet. Thier songs are recorded in best traditions of "old" disco, sound fresh and absorbing. You steep into the world of disco of 80th. It is a discovery for me in 2005.
Site Admin : Fresh Fox Country : Germany Link :
Alexander Melnik's Home Page
The homepage of Alexandr - the big fan of disco. There are the gates into the world of discomusic of all world here. If yo're really fan of disco music and find somtheng about your favotite singler - welcome! Here you find all: full detailed discographies, photos, info and even big european forums. This page is update routinely
Site Admin : lexandr Country : Russia Link :
It's the really great webpage about this legendary group of 80th from Sweden. On russian. Here you can find all possoble and imposiille things anbout this group. Welcome! You will be surprised!
Site Admin : Denis Country : Russia Link :
The big webpage about singer on german is created by her brother. The brilliant star of 80th, who is opened by Dierter Bohlen, later deciding to start her own independed career, is still wishful gast in all parties of 80th. All latest news, fotosession, mixes of fans, video, messages ofCaroline you can find here.
Site Admin : arco Muller Country : Germany Link :
Spanish duet Baccara is brilliant specimen of disco last century. First Maria and Mayte have been working together then thier ways are went away. But one of them doesn't start a solo career but found partner for common duet. So the new groups Baccara and New Baccara were born. Years went by, the girls changed their partners in groups and continued to record thier songs. And they sing now. This great webpage created by big fan from Polland can help you to know the cobweb of discographies and many more ...
Site Admin : Roman Czejarek Country : Poland Link :
There were many webpages about the disco queen in Russia. They didn't stand the test of time but one... The big her Fan from Russia, who created this webpage, continue to keep a chronicle of his favotire singer. There are foto, 3, video, communication of other fans on ths webpage.
Site Admin : Sergej Samojlov Country : Russia Link :
The webpage is created by three russian big Fans of this group.
Site Admin : Dan, Dimson, Alexandr Country : Russia Link :