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1985 year The first Album phothoshoot (1985) Red & Blue photoshoot photshoot by Fryderyk Gabowicz Peter's Pop Show 1985 1985 photoshoot in Holland 1985 photoshot by F Gabowicz
1985 year photoshoot for Let Talk About Love (1985) French photosoot 1985 1985 Promo Photoshoot for Pop-Rocky Magazine (photogpraphers: Max Kohr)
1985 year 1985 Photoshoot  in Dieter's studio in Hamburg ( by F. Gabowicz) 1985  Photoshoot in Berlin (photos by Abi Schmidt 1985 photoshoot by Max Kohr 1985 Promo Photoshoot during performance at "Menshen" (photogpraphers: Max Kohr & others)
1985 year 1985 Promo Photoshoot during performance at "ZDF Hitparade" Photoshoot during performance at "Gold Lion Award" 1985 photoshoot by F Gabowicz 1985 Promo photoshoot for press (photos by Didi Zill)  
1985 year 1985 Promo Photoshoot      
1986 year 1986  Photoshoot for 3rd LP "Ready For Romance" (photos by Frideryk Gabowicz) 1986 in Bavaria
1986 year 1986 in France 1986 in France 1986  Photoshoot for Bravo Magazine ( by F. Gabowicz) Photoshoot during performance at "Gold Lion Award" 1986 Photoshoot by Frideryk Gabowicz
1987 year Thomas & Nora 1987
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