19.09.2008CD Enigma "Seven Lives Many Faces". More details >>>
08.08.2008CD-single Enigma "La Puerta Del Cielo/Seven Lives". More details >>>
18.07.2008Single of Sound-Chateau feat. Thomas Anders - "For You". The single was released only as МР3 files ( 320 kbps) and sold only from official webpage through i-stores. It was not release as CD-single. More details >>>
18.07.2008Single of Sound-Chateau feat. Thomas Anders - "Ibiza Baba Baya". The single was released only as МР3 files ( 320 kbps) and sold only from official webpage through i-stores. It was not release as CD-single. More details >>>
27.06.2008CD Baccara " black & white". New album of modern Baccara (Mayte Mateus and Paloma Blanco). The album contains 6 new songs and remixes of old hits. All new solgs for this albums were produced by Rolf Soja, the prducer of first album of Baccara "Baccara" (1977). More details and samples>>>
17.06.2008CD Amethystium "Isabliss". A long awaitend new full album of marvelous group of unearthly sounds. More details >>>
13.06.2008The brand new CD of Bad Boys Blue "Heart & Soul". More details >>>
20.05.2008CD-single of Bad Boys Blue "Still In Love". A long awaited new work of this disco band. More details >>>
20.05.2008CD of Mark Ashley "Heartbreak Boulevaerd". The new excellent work from this singer. The album was produced by "SYSTEMS IN BLUE"- team. They was aslo background vocal of Mark's songs at this album. If you like old Modern Talking then you like this album too. Samples are available. More details >>>
05.05.2008CD-single of Systems In Blue feat Mark Ashley "Jeannie Moviestar". Lead vocal by Mark Ashley. Released as limited edition for fans. More details >>>
18.04.2008CD of Arabesque "THE BEST OfF vol.4 The Mega Mixes". There are many rare 7" and 12" versions on these CDs. More details >>>
15.04.2008CD of ERA "Reborn". More details >>>
28.03.2008CD of Sarah Brightman "Symphony". Produced by Frank Peterson. More details >>>
21.03.2008CD of Systems In Blue "Out Of The Blue". More details >>>
19.02.2008CD-single of Systems In Blue "Dr. No". More details >>>
28.09.2007CD of Gregorian "Master Of Chant Chapter VI". More details >>>
06.07.2007CD-single of System In Blue "Voodoo Queen". More detail >>>
18.05.2007CD-single of Sandra "What Is It About Me". More details >>>
23.02.2007CD of Sandra "The Art Of Love". More details >>>
09.02.2007CD of ACHILLEA "Amadas Estrellas". Produced by Jens Gad. More details >>>
26.01.2007CD-single of Sandra "The Way I Am". More details >>>
08.12.2006 CD of Mark Ashley "Give Me A Chance". Prodused by Luis Rodriguez (co-producer of Modern Talking) More details >>>
17.11.2006 CD Gregorian "Christmas Songs". More details >>>
06.11.2006 CD-single Roch Voisine "Le Chemin". It's released as special fan limited edition. You can buy it only on his live concerts. More details >>>
27.10.2006 CD Eugenia Vlasova "Wind Of Hope". The famous singer Andru Donals was recorded several songs in duet with Eugenia at this album. More details >>>
23.10.2006 CD Karunesh "Joy Of Life". More details >>>
10.10.2006 CD Amethystium "Emblem (Selected Pieces)". The compilation incl. new tracks. More details >>>
29.09.2006 CD of Sandra "Reflections". More details >>>
22.09.2006 CD of Enigma "A Posteriori". More details >>>
08.09.2006 CD of Kim Wilde "Never Say Never". More details >>>
18.08.2006 single of Kim Wilde "You Came 2006". More details >>>
28.04.2006 DVD of Thomas Anders "The DVD Collection". More details>>>
28.04.2006 CD Jens Gad "Le Spa Sonique". Jens is co-pruducer of Enigma and the last albums of Sandra. Album, as note on booklet, is intended for relaxing and intimate nights. More details >>>
10.04.2006 DVD of Dieter Bohlen "Der Film". More details>>>
31.03.2006 CD Gregorian "Master Of Chant Chapter V". More details >>>
10.03.2006 CD-single of Enigma "Hello And Welcome". More details >>>
03.03.2006 CD of Thomas Anders "Songs Forever". More details >>>
03.03.2006 CD of Dieter Bohlen "Der Film".
More details >>>
03.03.2006 CD-single of Sandra feat. DJ Bobo"Secrets Of Love".
More details >>>
13.02.2006 CD-single of Roch Voisine "Une Femme". More details >>>