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15.02.2019 The section VIDEO 1985-1986 years is totally updated.
31.12.2018 The sections PHOTOSHOOTS and VIDEO and PRESS are updated.
27.01.2018 The sections PHOTOSHOOTS and "Sandra in german press" are updated.
18.05.2017 The section VIDEO is totally updated.
13.01.2017 The section Catalouge "Sandra in german, scandinavian, french press" is updated.
27.09.2015 The section EDITIONS is updated. The info about promofolders and promoflyers fore her albums is added.
18.05.2015 Тraditionally, in Sandra's birthday, there were updated the most popular sections about the singer: PHOTOSHOOTS, VIDEO, Discography, Press, Posters. It's all that we collected during whole last year (and that's, take notice, not less) and added in respective sections.
15.08.2014 The sections PHOTOSHOOTS and VIDEO are updated.
18.03.2014 The sections VIDEOis updated. You can find the special gift from - the last TV report "Tonight with Andrew Malachov" (01 march 2014) with english subtitles at our Facebook page
25.12.2013 The sections PHOTOSHOOTS and "Sandra in german press" are updated.
18.10.2013 "Ploblem fan" - so admin of czesh webpage about Sandra called him sometime. Place of residence: Greece. Hobby: Sandra and "wars" with Sandra's fans around the world (especilly russian fans) Favorite webpage: Discostars80. I promice him to create the page about him with truth about his dirty wars with people on webplaces. But to be honesty I have no time for it in present time. But now you can read something about him at page of our friends. Read HERE.
17.08.2013 The section PRESS/posters is updated.
18.05.2013 The section Catalouge "Sandra in greek press", "Sandra in spanish press"& "Sandra in czech press"is available. The sections PHOTOSHOOTS, "Sandra in german, frech and scandinavian press" are updated.
20.04.2013 The new sectionBooks & posterbooks is added
22.12.2012 The sections PRESS is updated. You can find traslation from french magazine "Le Mag from Dmitri
25.09.2012 The sections PHOTOSHOOTS and "Sandra in german press" are updated.
18.07.2012 The sections "Sandra in german press" (special thanks to Natali) and "Famous fotosessions" (special thanks to Athur from Germany)
18.05.2012 The section Catalouge "Sandra in german press" is available.
04.04.2012 The section PHOTOSHOOTS is updated.
20.02.2012 The new section PHOTOSHOOTS is created. I've plan to place demo version of "german press catalouge' in near future. If someone has a wish to give own corrections, please e-mail me. During next mounth all updates of "german press catalouge" will be done in invisible mode. In section "Contacts" you will find direct link to the new forum created by russian fans. Welcome
18.05.2011 The section PRESS is updated. The catalouge of scandinavian press is updated and new translation of OKEJ magazin "SANDRA – will she manage an international launch?" is added. Thank to Nils (Norway) for translation. Special gift for my friens from Europe: the full translation from russian into english of NTV report about Sandra (04.04.2010). Look this video with subtitles at YOUTUBE
11.05.2011 The sectionVIDEOis updated. The new rare and unknown Sandra's videos are added.
13.11.2010 The section PRESS is updated. The catalouge of scandinavian press and translation of OKEJ magazin "SANDRA focuses on international career" are adde. Thank to Nils (Norway) for translation.
25.07.2010 The section PRESS/Posters is updated. The 11 new posters are added
11.06.2010 The section PRESS/french editions/catalouge is updated.
01.02.2009 Sandra will be married second time in summer 2009. Read more in"news" section.
01.02.2009 Sandra said "Back to life". All her fans took up the call. The page of Sandra's history is begun. New single, new album will be realeased in near future! Also the chronology of main events of Sandra's life in 2008 year is restored. Read more in"news" section. You can listen samples from new Sandra's album on official webpage
18.09.2007 The sections "Press" is updated. Here you can find catalouge of released posters from different magazines from 1985 to 1990. If you have others kinds of views, please e-mail me.
24.08.2007 Sandra will sing in Russia again. The single Sandra's solo concert will take a place 31.10.2007 at 19-00 (Moscow time) in Kremlin palace of Moscow.
04.07.2007 The sections "Discography", "News". The english versions of articles of Bravo about shooting of her clips "Secret Land 88" and "Heaven Can Wait" are added in sectionPress/translations.
01.03.2007The report about performance of Sandra at "Discotheque 80th" from invisible_man ia added. Welcome press /russian editions / articles. Also in section press you can watch catalouge of posters 1986
23.02.2007 A long awaited Sandra's album "The Art Of Love" is relesead! See more detail in discography section.
26.01.2007 The first update of the section in this year. The general evet - the single "The Way I am" released today. Sandra has been waiting this event about one year. See more detail in discography section. Info about new Sandra's appearaces on TV you can read in "news" section
25.11.2006 Sandra appeared on international musical festival AUTORADIO "Discotheca 80th". The short report is in "news". More detail perort on this event by eyes of eyewitness will be published later.
06.11.2006 The news from the managment of Sandra about new Sandra's records are in "news" section. The english version of article from germaman magazine "Das Neue" is added. Look in Press/german editions/article.
11.10.2006 The section PRESS/french editions/catalouge is updated.
29.09.2006 A long awaited Sandra's album "Reflections" is relesead! See more detail in discography section. One more news: Sandra will take a part in russian show "Discotheka 80th" in Moscow, 24 november, 2006. Also I've placed 19 Sandra's photos by Jim Rakete from "Close to seven photosession" (1992) inphoto section.
26.08.2006 Hi fans of Sandra! This is invisible_man. I'm still alive and I'm still the big fan of Sandra in Russia. I open the Sandra Cretu section after total reconstruction. You can find many interesting stuffs here. Enjoy! As I promised my webpage has moved on fast webserver ;).
24.08.2006 Crocodile Music Managment has published the final tracking list of album "Reflections". More detail in "news" section .
23.08.2006 The news from the managment of Sandra about two new Sandra's album "Reflections" & "The Art Of Love" are in "news" section
17.07.2006 More news from the managment of Sandra about new album of Enigma are in "news" section.
12.07.2006 The rare unique chance: german satellite chanal RBB showed old Talk Show with FULL interview and appearance of Sandra from 1990. The section "Videography" is updated .
07.07.2006The news from the managment of Sandra are in "news" section
22.06.2006 Sandra's touring activity was very rich in july of 2006 like never before. Look yourself: 3.06 - appearance ib Plock (Poland), 10.06 - appearance in Bitinheim (Gemany), 11.06 - live concert in Gustrow (Germany) 17.06 appearance on disco festival of 80th in Dormund (Germany). Her work on her new album is finished. She shared one's impressions about your work on your new album with readers of "Ruhr Nachrichten" newspaper in her last interviews. You can finnd my translation of that invierview "Time for fairytales is over" inPRESS/german editions/translation section. My special thanks to my german friends for sent material.
03.06.2006 Sandra appeared in live concert in Plock (Poland). More in detail in "news" section.
30.03.2006 The new Sandra's TV performances of 2006 are added in "videography" section.
26.03.2006 The new section "TRADE" is opened , where I pleaced the searched items and the items for trade. The secdtion "news" is updated.
18.03.2006 Sandra & DJ Bobo took a part in broadcast "Verstehen Sie Spass" of german satellite TV chanel ARD. More in detail in "news" section.
10.03.2006 Sandra & DJ Bobo with song "Secrets Of Love" took a part in broadcast of german satellite TV chanel Pro7 TV Total.. More in detail in "news" section.
04.03.2006 Sandra took a part in 80th-party in german city Swerin. Look for detair in " news" section.
03.03.2006 A long awaited single of Sandra & DJ Bobo "Secrets Of Love" is released in appointed date!!! More info about released CD-single is in "discography" section.
25.02.2006 The first common appearance of Sandra & DJ Bobo on stage was come true. More in detail in "news" section.
19.02.2006 Now is available the information about release date and tracking list of new single "Secrets Of Love". More in detail in "news" section. Also the translation of article "Unlooked-for hit of Enigma" about Sandra and Enigma from POPCORN-magazine is added inPRESS/german editions/translation section.
29.01.2006 You can read about Sandra's appearance in Saarbrucken (Germany) in january 2006. Look in section "News"
01.01.2006 The section PRESS/french editions/catalouge is updated.
19.12.2005 The mounting of new video of Sandra and DJ Bobo is completed. More in detail in "news" section. Also you can watch the cover from the new single which will be released on spring of 2006.
17.09.2005 The Sandra's apperance with song "Everlasting Love" was come true on german satellite chanel RTL in programm "Ultimative Chartshow". More in detail in "news" section.
07.09.2005 The new releases of Sandra, Enigma & Arabesque will awaited. See "news" section for details.
13.08.2005 I close this web section for reconstruction. Now only russian version is available . Come again later.
20.03.2005 Armin Rahn agency announces that Sandra will be on musical Festival "Sky Family Day" on 12 july, 2005.
20.02.2005 On account of 20 years of releasing Sandra's first solo LP: look in the past - translation of the article from Bravo-magazine "BRAVO Autographcard" (1985 year)".
05.01.2005 Sandra appeared in german TV Show "Formel 1"!!! See newsfor details
02.10.2004 Sandra appeared in Dresden!!! See newsfor detail
27.05.2004 Sandra on stage again!!! See newsfor details.
18.05.2004 The english translation of article "Sandra was never such beautiful..." is added. It was a long time ago, in 1991, when she was created her great clip "One more night". Look in Press/german editions/articles
24.03.2004 Owning to big interest of fans to page "Sandra in french press" and big help from their side, I decide totally to remarke this section and to shape the more catalouge look. Big thanks to my friend Dmitri, to french fan Eric and to all fans who helped me in work on this section. Look in Press/french editions/catalouge .
14.02.2004 I present my own version of Sandra's TV Appearances. I took for the grund the catalouge created by Victoria from Moscow. This great fan of Sandra placed in 2001 her great work in her webpage which is temporarily not available now. And she was first in the world who did the most full detail illustrated catalouge of Sandra's TV apperances all around the world. When I created my own version I added some news info and replaced b/w screenshots on color screenshots in some places.
8.11.2003 The new page-catalouge "Sandra in french press" is added. Also now you can watch all 21 scenes from Sandra's clip "Everlasting love" (look in Press/german editions the article "From Eva to Punk-girl")
11.09.2003 Thanks to Dmitri, my friend from France, it was really possible to read and know info about Sandra from rare french magazines. Today I put a first translation - the article "Sandra in secret lands" from "Podium hit" magazine (1989). Look in "Press" section .
5.09.2003 The long awaiting Sandra's DVD "Complete history" is released at last !!!. For detail look in "News".
16.06.2003 The english translation of article "As mother I give all my best" from Pop-Rocky magazine is added. Look in Press/german editions/articles.
18.05.2003 Today Sandra is 41 and at last I decided to put the little part of what I want on my homepage. It's just beginnig. Everybody, who is intesed in my work and who likes to know all updates in this section, please e-mail me. I'll put you on the list for e-mail news..